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Classes / Tracks

When registering, the classes are listed by day from LEFT to RIGHT. Whether or not you attend Lecture, the lecture is built into the track. When a track reads, LECTURE – LIVE FIRE – BIG TIME FIRE ATTACK, you are signing up for Lecture, Live Fire Class for October 4th and Big Time Fire Attack for October 5th.

The classes are as follows:

Live Fire – Live Fire in an Acquired Structure. Class could be moved to Fire Acaedmy dependent on buildings.
Live Fire 2 – Live Fire in Acquired Structure . Class could be moved to Fire ACademy dependent on buildings.
First Due Engine – Live Fire Engine Class encompassing all Engine Company Operations for the 1st Due Company.
1st & 10 Engine – 1st & 10 is a complete “engine” class focusing on the 1st Engine  and its responsibilities in the first 10 minutes.
Big Time Fire Attack – Engine Class focusing on stretching and flowing using primarily with 2.5” lines. No live fire.
Truck School – All truck work from searches, venting, VES, ladder work and tips and tricks from the best.
Truck Search – Search class focusing on the art of searching ahead of the fire and in all difficult situations.
RIT / Survival – The self-proclaimed BEST Survival / RIT course you will ever take.

Leadership Academy – Lectures and HOT (Possible Live Fire)

Special Operations “Technical Rescue Target Hazards” – This class is designed for current or aspiring Technical Rescue Team Members interested in finding safe rescue solutions for unique situations. Course will consist of two days of lecture to include general fire expo keynote speaker, various technical rescue topics including Scaffolding, Cell Tower, Water Tower, Confined Space, Elevator type emergencies. Course will also consist of two days of hands on training in this field.


Lecture – Big Time Fire Attack – Live Fire **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Live Fire – Big Time Fire Attack **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Live Fire 2 – 1st & 10 Engine **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – 1st & 10 Engine – Live Fire 2 **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – 1st Due Engine – Truck Search **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Truck Search – 1st Due Engine **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Truck School – RIT / Survival **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – RIT / Survival – Truck School **SOLD OUT**


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