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Leadership School – will consist of three days of lecture and hands on training. This track is great for any perspective officer, new officer or veteran officer looking to hone his craft. Day 1 this limited class size will enjoy the keynote address of the regular fire expo. Day 2 will consist of a series of mini-lectures from some of the industries best fire instructors and officers. Day 3 will consist of hands on training. The following topics will be discussed on Day 2.

Leadership Academy Instructors & Topics

  • Captain Bill Gustin – Miami Dade – “Fire Pumps & Suppression Systems”
  • Captain Nick Morgado – Miami Dade – “Incident Command”
  • Battalion Chief Troy Cool – Fort Lauderdale – “Fitness & Wellness in the Firehouse”
  • Captain Mike Posner – Miami Dade “Retired” – “Elevators & Standpipe Systems
  • Battalion Chief Steve Shaw – Fort Lauderdale – “Practical Training Applications”
  • Lieutenant Robert Ramirez – Margate – “The Mental Game”
  • Deputy Chief Ty Vassil – Margate – “Managing Fire Department Culture”
  • Battalion Chief Garrett Pingol – Fort Lauderdale – “The First 10 Minutes of Special Ops Calls”
  • Battalion Chief Mike Salzano – Fort Lauderdale – “Company Officer Things”

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Confirmed Fire Expo Classes

Hands On Training Classes – As usual, our hands on training classes solely depend on the buildings we acquire. For the past 8 years, the Expo committee has not disappointed in this area. We’ve conducted over 700 live burns in countless acquired structures ranging from hi-rise buildings to commercial warehouses and everything in between. So far, we have acquired a huge complex that will be announced shortly. This complex may include all “non-burn” classes. Details will be out soon. For now, we are pleased to announce the following classes.

“One Bad Day Down South” – (8 Hours) – This class will focus on that one bad shift where everything that could go wrong, went wrong. You are trapped in a building or in a position you’ve never imagined you’d be. The class will focus on surviving in un-survivable conditions/situations as well as new and improved rapid intervention techniques. The class will ultimately prepare you and undoubtedly make you a better firefighter or officer. The class will take place in an acquired structure. **Lead Instructor Bassel Ibrahim and his core group are some of the best in the business as there Orlando Rapid Intervention Competition Team has won numerous competitions. Lead Instructors Bassel Ibrahim & Rob Ramirez.

First Due Engine Company (8 Hours) – This is the Engine Company class you’ve been waiting for! This is NOT a minimum standards hose class or a back-to-the-basics operator class. This is an intense eight hour, hands-on program focusing on the setting yourself and your company up for success in the first few minutes of arrival. The class is geared towards all ranks both seasoned and veteran Firefighters that have lost the art of training. We will focus on the roles and responsibilities of each member of the Engine Company primarily working on getting the appropriate lines stretched and “thinking outside the box”. We will also teach on the safe, but aggressive interior and offensive fire attack with a focus on controlling fire behavior. We present common mistakes made by Engine Companies and ways to prevent them.
The course will also provide attendees with extensive hands-on evolutions that will include Engine Company operations such as hose management, beyond the pre-connect, 2 ½” hose-line operations, hose movement to upper floors, extended stretches, multiple line operations. Dependent on acquired structures, this class MAY receive live fire. Lead Instructors – Kevin Galt & Steve Negedly

Chief Matt Negedly Truck School (8 Hours) – Truck School will cover the multiple facets of truck work, however, this course will also cover truck work from a Rescue Co. and Engine Co. for shorter staffed fire departments. Truck School will focus on the many uses of ground ladders, including tips, tricks and more useful ways to utilize ground ladders.Forcible entry will be a key component of truck school and will cover all different types of doors. Many other topics will be covered from VES, Victim Rescue and Packaging from windows, ladders and higher elevations. Lead Instructors – Gerry Seidel & Mike Ciampo.

Big Time Fire Attack (8 Hours) – One of our more popular classes is back again. Come and hang out and learn from two of the Fire Services best (and comical) Engine Company Instructors. Tim Klett from Engine Co. 88 in the Bronx and Danny Moran from Engine 8 in Fort Lauderdale absolutely are a dynamic hose stretching team. These guys will show you the best ways to stretch 2 1/2 and 1 3/4 with no effort. If you or your department is buried in the 2 1/2 stigma of it’s too heavy or takes too many firefighters to advance, then you must take this class. You will stretch in all types of situations and building types and leave the class feeling more confident than ever.

Flashover Awareness – Pending

Classes Building Dependent
**In the event we do not have acquired structures to burn, these classes will be moved to the Fire Academy’s Class A prop**

Live Fire Scenarios (8 Hours) – Live fire has been our most popular training class over our first 9 years with over 700+live burns in realistic training conditions. This training has brought realistic scenarios, incident command practice as well as real time fire conditions and extinguishment. Once again, the Fire Expo plans on bringing this great scenario training to you. We will keep you updated on our acquired buildings. Lead Instructors – Troy Cool & Jesus Martinez

Can Confidence (8 Hours) – This class has been a mainstay at the Fort Lauderdale Fire Training Expo for the past few years. Learn and be confident with your water can. This class teaches all of the capabilities never imagined with a water can along with searching and protecting yourself prior to the first line making the stretch. This is a great class for a traditional “truck firefighter” or Rescue Firefighter who typically finds themselves arriving before the Engine.

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