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Classes / Tracks

2023 HOT Classes

*Live Fire Classes will be building dependent*

  • MEGA (Making Engines Great Again) – Engine Company Operations Class focusing on setting yourself up for success with estimating and choosing the right line and perfecting the stretch, the advancement and extinguishment.
  • 1st & 10 Engine – This class focuses on the 1st Engine operating in the 1st Ten Minutes working on fixing mistakes, troubleshooting and quick and easy ways to overcome issues.
  • Big Line “Managing the Monster” – This class will work on advancement of 1 3/4 and 2 1/2″ lines and is geared towards working in small teams  operating big lines. You will think outside the box and work every angle to ensure you are successfully operating a professional engine company.
  • Live Fire Engine Class – Stretching and operating in live fire conditions.
  • Live Fire Truck Class  – Searching, forcing, venting in live fire conditions.
  • Truck Fundamentals – The old Mike Ciampo class of Tips/Tricks for the Truck. This class is timeless and never disappoints.
  • Mayday Mindset – The Mayday Mindset Rescue School is the most comprehensive track available for developing, training, and implementing a collective of all things RESCUE-related over a two-day period. This program is made up of three parallel modules: Firefighter Survival, Firefighter Rescue, and Victim Rescue Operations. The program, and all the associated curriculums, exceed every aspect outlined in NFPA. This class will be taught by a very seasoned fire service instructor cadre.
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