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Classes / Tracks

When registering, the classes are listed by day from LEFT to RIGHT. Whether or not you attend Lecture, the lecture is built into the track. When a track reads, LECTURE – LIVE FIRE – BIG TIME FIRE ATTACK, you are signing up for Lecture, Live Fire Class for October 4th and Big Time Fire Attack for October 5th.

The classes are as follows:

Live Fire – Live Fire in an Acquired Structure. Class could be moved to Fire Acaedmy dependent on buildings.
Live Fire 2 – Live Fire in Acquired Structure . Class could be moved to Fire ACademy dependent on buildings.
First Due Engine – Live Fire Engine Class encompassing all Engine Company Operations for the 1st Due Company.
1st & 10 Engine – 1st & 10 is a complete “engine” class focusing on the 1st Engine  and its responsibilities in the first 10 minutes.
Big Time Fire Attack – Engine Class focusing on stretching and flowing using primarily with 2.5” lines. No live fire.
Truck School – All truck work from searches, venting, VES, ladder work and tips and tricks from the best.
Truck Search – Search class focusing on the art of searching ahead of the fire and in all difficult situations.
RIT / Survival – The self-proclaimed BEST Survival / RIT course you will ever take.

Leadership – Lectures and HOT (Possible Live Fire)


Lecture – Big Time FIre Attack – Live Fire

Lecture – Live Fire – Big Time Fire Attack

Lecture – Live Fire 2 – 1st & 10 Engine

Lecture – 1st & 10 Engine – Live Fire 2

Lecture – 1st Due Engine – Truck Search **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Truck Search – 1st Due Engine **SOLD OUT**

Lecture – Truck School – RIT / Survival

Lecture – RIT / Survival – Truck School


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