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Classes / Tracks

All Classes are 8 Hours on October 1st and October 2nd. When registering, do not sign up for multiple classes per day.

Engine Classes: 

1st and Ten Engine (No Live Fire) – Lead Instructor Steve Negedly: This class focuses on the first ten minutes of a working fire for the first due Engine company. The class will cover the many responsibilities from size up, estimating the stretch, extending lines, vertical stretches and efficiently and effectively getting the first line in operation in under 2 minutes.

Stretching for Success (No Live Fire) – Lead Instructor Steve Robertson: The attendees shall be exposed to aspects of “go” and “no-go” situations. During “go” situations, attendees will be given critical knowledge of what it takes to win the fight. Starting with the positioning of the apparatus, size-up, and line selection. A special emphasis will be placed on the pace of the attack, water flow while advancing, and using the reach of your stream inside the structure. Additionally, overcoming difficult stretches and dealing with knee-wall fires will be discussed. Within the modern fire environment, we must throw more water than BTUs being produced. The bottom line is WATER WINS!!

Live Fire Engine Co. Operations – Lead Instructors Troy Cool & Jesus Martinez: Our class that made us famous…. The live fire engine company class works on operating the first line in an acquired building that happens to be on fire. This is a great class to hone your skills and practice the most important tactic in the fire service…putting water on the fire in a quick and efficient manor.

Truck Classes: 

Truck Fundamentals (No Live Fire) – Lead Instructor Mike Ciampo: The champ is back! Truck fundamentals focused on Tips and Tricks to make you a better truck firefighter. These skills are for every firefighter regardless of what type of rig you ride. Truck work will include ground ladder work, searching, victim rescue, forcible entry, and ventilation.

Live Fire Truck Search – Lead Instructor Bob Pressler: Training will consist of live fire VES, searching ahead of the line and controlling the fire with a water can. This is a great live fire class that features one of the Fire Service legends.

Advanced Classes: 

Rescue & Firefighter Survival – Lead Instructor Rob Ramirez: Grabs, carries, self-rescue techniques, rapid intervention, firefighter rescue, self-survival…this class will have it all. If you have not taken a Fort Lauderdale Fire Expo survival class than you have missed out!

Hoarder House Operations in Live Fire – Lead Instructors Tim Klett & Danny Moran: Hoarder houses are becoming more prevalent and when they catch fire, it’s one of the most dangerous fires we have. Be prepared for this type of fire by taking this class. The techniques, tactics and lessons learned will be worth the price of admission.

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